Nestled in the foothills of the Andes Mountains, Project Buena Vista is an ideal living laboratory for all education levels involving diverse groups, both international and local. It also offers an excellent opportunity for medical outreach in the local communities. Visit the links below for more information about Project Buena Vista programs.


Medical Outreach:

Medical outreach to provide free and effective health care to people who have minimal access. It is our belief that the communities located in the rainforest must have medical care in order to protect their environment. All forms of professional and licensed care are welcome on our semi-annual trips.


Teacher Education:

Teachers come together to learn the importance of maintaining the biodiversity of the rain forest. This, hands on experience brings the global issue of rainforest diversity and conservation to their classrooms. Our course will be run using Buena Vista as home base as we explore the local flora and fauna. Our unique program brings international and Peruvian teachers together to learn the biology as well as observe the challenges facing rain forest conservation efforts.


College Education

Students of all levels are welcome in their search for scientific development. Courses will be hosted at Buena Vista and taught by a diverse set of professors and educational institutions.


Providing research opportunities, the property at Buena Vista is an outdoor laboratory, a setting in which Peruvians and internationals can study the rain forest. Because of its location in the Cultural Zone of Manu, the Buena Vista property has a history of light logging and hunting which ceased in 2000. Thus, Buena Vista serves as an example of a forest that is gradually recovering from disturbance. Rare hardwoods, including Mahogany, occur as young trees on the property.