About Buena Vista

Project Buena Vista believes that we will reach our conservation mission by providing educational opportunities and health care to the people who live in the rain forest. Buena Vista is a 100 acre property located in the cultural zone of the Manu Biosphere Reserve in southeastern Peru. The place provides an ideal living laboratory for students of all levels and nationalities.

The founders of the project, Florian and Laura Reyda have been involved in this area of Peru since 1995 when they visited Manu as university students. Since this time, they have returned regularly to the area in different capacities. Most recently, Florian has returned to teach university students tropical biology through the university where he is a biology professor. Laura has started a semiannual medical outreach program where she and other practitioners provide care to the local people of the rain forest.

Our passion and dedication to rain forest conservation make us one of the most authentic conservation projects around. Consider joining us on an adventure and learn firsthand the importance of saving this habitat.

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